I think that it is upsetting that languages die and are continuing to die. I feel that history is also dying along with it as language can say so much about a culture and the people. I think that is inevitable though that language will change and that some languages will no longer be around, but that some languages will also grow stronger for example the bait ones like Manderin and Spanish etc. as more people are learning these languages because there is a great benefit since it will help us in our careers as they are widely spoken all over the world. With today’s world, I think that language is rapidly changing. I believe that ‘net language’ empowers our language because with me, many of these phrases wouldn’t be used if there were no abbriviations as they are just too long to use. Therefore, using these abbreviations, in my opinion keeps these phrases alive. In the near future, I see slang coming into the language more and also, old expresssions and words would be on their way out or will develop a new meaning for things. If you look at out generation, and the language we speak, this is the language of the future and it will keep on developing.

Rhianna x