My people
Do you know what time we are in now?
It is time to remember
To remember
To remember life
My people
We’ve rested so long in sleep
Far too long
Let us arise
Let us arise and remember
Remember life
Wise people and fools
Beautiful stars and powerful suns
Children and Elders of Africa


Can we remember the time before

The arrival of Europeans to Africa?

The time before we were dispersed all over this earth

Before slavery

Before colonialism

Before exploitation

Before the heart of Africa began bleeding


Who caused all of this suffering?

We know

We know

And remember

We did not forget

Remember and be prepared


Who ignores the truth?

Who ignores the history?

Who can forget our suffering?

In slavery

In exploitation of colonialism


We survived

We survived


Our enemy will be brought before justice
He cannot hide from the eyes of the ancestors
Remember and stand


Birds have feathers because they were passed down to them by other birds
Where is the returning path (to our way)?
Look back and feel the unseen power of remembrance
Because our Ancestors are with us
They are our strength
Our ancestors work very hard on our behalf
We also, we must work very hard
To help our children and change life on earth

Life is tying and untying
But you must remember
Look back
And remember

We are at a crossroads
Between life and death
Who will show us the way?
Who will open the path?

It is
Train your mind
Train your mind
To remember and to heal
To remember and to destroy

To hold onto that which holds you up
Do not give it away

Rise up
Sing a new song

Remember our traditions
Let’s return
To our institutions
To our order

For Change
For Justice
For Balance
For Life


 by Kwadwo Nkita-Mayala